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Create and follow playbooks for every customer to drive more customer success & more revenue.


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The success enablement platform that empowers you to create and follow playbooks for every customer.

Sales, onboarding and account management teams can have the right conversation, every time. Because during each conversation, the right insights & recommendations are surfaced in real time so every team member looks like an expert. And, they can effortlessly capture critical info that gets passed along the journey.

You can also share playbooks directly with customers to accelerate time to value. Plus, leaders can pinpoint exactly where breakdowns occur so you can adapt quickly. So you can deliver the outcomes customers want and expect.


Customer Journey Pipeline

Pipelines aren't just for sales anymore.

Drive customers through the journey.

Pipeline management is no longer just for sales. Drive customers through every stage of the customer journey to deepen relationships and create customers that grow with your products.

Playbooks for every stage

Managing a book of business has never been easier. From sales to onboarding to account management, arm teams & customers with better insights & playbooks to have better conversations and take the right actions at every stage of the journey.

Make handoffs aha moments

Reduce friction and gain clear visibility at every stage when customers transition. Share the most relevant insights with each team member so they can continue the customer conversation seamlessly.

Playbooks for Internal Teams

Enable your people to be superhuman


Drive consistent engagement, at scale

Deliver consistent engagement at scale by providing in-moment coaching & content for sales, service, and account management teams

Simplify the complex for everyone

Playbooks enable you to focus on what’s most important to the customer, in a repeatable way, so your team is spending more time on what matters and less on everything else.

Be superhuman, not robotic

Empower your team, not turn them into robots. Help them reach more goals, boost their confidence and speed up learning cycles that create growth opportunities.


Customer Playbooks

Put an expert in your customer's pocket

Drive the right engagement anytime

Turn your playbooks into engaging, experiences that customers can use 24/7/365.

Deliver aha moments and build customer confidence

Deliver aha moments with personalized insights and recommendations that build confidence in taking the next right action.

Reduce work for customers

Make it easier to do business with you by taking the hardest work away from your customers by providing DFY resources.

Insights & Analytics

Gain insights to level up your journey and conversations

Unsilo insights

Unsilo and share customer data across every customer-facing team. Enable them with the right context, at the right time, for every conversation.

Improve in real-time

Gain critical insights into where customers are disengaging so you can improve by easily making changes (automatically deployed in real time).

Feed your CRM

Collect more relevant data to enhance customer profiles, so you can use them to gain better customer insights that help you operate and grow your business.


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